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Did you know that women spend more than $3000 a year on makeup?



Maybe $3000 a year doesn’t seem to be much money to you, but if you invested that $3000 a year with a 10% return, with compound interest in 20 years it would turn into 171,831.73…it gives you something to think about doesn’t it!

Hi, my name is Tracy, I'm in all of the pictures above, but included in the two middle pictures are two of my closest friends Lisa (on the left) and Kate (on the right). Lisa and Kate have allowed me to practice all sorts of beauty treatments on them through the years.  Lisa and I have been friends now for 36 years...I really owe Lisa a lot because over the last 36 years I have been in the beauty industry she has put her complete trust in me and allowed me try every new product and service on her, and I mean EVERYTHING!

This is a recent picture of the two of us wine tasting in the local area. I wanted you to be able to see how beautiful and natural permanent and semi-permeant makeup can be. We both have microblading, lip blush, and eyeliner, and I also have lash line enhancement.

Even when I was a little girl I had a love for makeup and a realization that makeup should to enhance natural beauty not completely change how someone looks, however when permanent makeup first came out it was seriously lacking in ink quality, tailored equipment, and consistent technique. I was horrified to see so many women with round rust colored brows, and who knew that they would be stuck with those brows for the rest of their lives unless they were professionally removed.

Now, everything has changed in the permanent makeup industry!

Imagine a day where you wake up looking beautiful and put together and you don’t need to waste one minute extra out of your busy day to put on makeup!

We all deserve to look and feel beautiful because when you feel good about yourself you have a better attitude and you can just get more done!

Come and visit me for a consultation….for Blossoming Brows, Blossoming Lips, Blossoming Eyes, and Blossoming Skin.

I hope to see you soon!

~Tracy :)

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