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Permanent Makeup Traning

Starting a career in the permanent make up industry is exciting, but at the same time it can be very scary!


Just like you I have been there really needing someone to help me but I kept wasting money on $3000-$5000 classes to waste more time going over the same PMU theory that I had already learned multiple times....I needed help! Now I'm here to help YOU and guide you so you can focus on the areas

that you're struggling in.

After 34 years in the beauty industry, and 13 PMU certifications, I have picked up quite a few things on owning a successful and profitable beauty business and I would love to share those things with you!

Its your can work with me a little, or a lot and you can always start by 

booking 15 min virtual get together with me, so we can talk about what you want 

to achieve in your PMU career.


The permanent makeup industry is quickly becoming one of the most lucrative and highly sought after services in the beauty industry. Now is the time to invest in yourself so you can be your own boss AND have the financial freedom to spend more time doing the things that bring you joy.

I love helping people and not only will I share my secrets with you, but after successfully being in the beauty Industry for 34 years I can coach you on your business and share all of my business resources with you.

It's time to work with a professional!

Schedule your one on one in Person or Zoom PMU Training with me now!

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