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Ombre & Powder Brows

Blossoming Brows & Skin 5.jpg
Blossoming Brows & Skin.jpg
Blossoming Brows & Skin 3.jpg
Blossoming Brows & Skin 1.jpg
Blossoming Brows & Skin 2.jpg
Blossoming Brows & Skin 4.jpg

Powder & Ombre Brow

A Powder brow has a powdery makeup look to it, and the ombré brow has the same powder look, but it is lighter at the bulb area of the brow and gets darker going towards the tail. This effect is obtained with a machine, and it is not the same as the microblading process. Powder brows are also longer lasting than microblading...they can last between 2-5 years and they are perfect for any skin type. Powder brows can be combined with microblading for a fuller looking brow which is called a combo brow.

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