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Blossoming Brows

Are y0u sick of trying to make your  uneven, sparse brows match every morning....and are you embarrassed to leave the house without any makeup on them?
Well, I used to be just like you and now I help women every day get their
confidence back, and feel beautiful can get your confidence back too!

Watch my short video on my different PMU brow types. 

Why Choose me As Your PMU Artist?

~Phoenix Entrepreneur Magazines Top 21 Brow Technicians for 2021 for the State of Arizona~
~Top 21 Brow artists for the Phoenix Area~ 
~13 Times Certified & Permitted~
~Certified in Blood-borne Pathogen Training~
~Featured in Canvas Rebel Magazine~
~Featured in Phoenix Entrepreneurs Magazine~


Hi, my name is Tracy......I have been working in the beauty industry for 36 years, I have 8 years of experience in the PMU industry, plus I hold 13 PMU certifications. I am licensed and permitted, and I have locations in California, Arizona, & Florida.
Due to the lack of state regulations in the 
state of AZ, I spend a great deal of my time fixing botched permanent makeup, which has made me even more skilled at creating beautiful flattering permanent makeup 
for my clients.
Because of this I was chosen as... 

Phoenix Entrepreneur Magazines Top 21 Brow Technicians for 2021 in Phoenix & Arizonia.

In addition I have training in Blood-borne Pathogens and everything I use on my clients is disposable, so you will always know you will be protected!
My time working in the beauty industry has opened up the door to many beauty secrets, which is one of the things I love to share with my clients.  I truly care about my clients on a personal level and their satisfaction with any of my services] is very important to me which is why my one of my clients named me the "Blossomologist"
I love helping women to look and feel beautiful!

IMG_2985 2.jpg

Now back to brows.......

As you can see I offer 5 different styles of brows...microblading, combo brows, Ombre, Powder, and Fusion Brows, however every set of brows I create is custom designed for each individual client.

 (pre-numbing is part of my service)

Are you afraid you might end up with gigantic brows, or skinny "sliver brows"..... no worries here! 
See your brow shape before you get your brows done with a special brow mapping technology...
available only at
Blossoming Brows & SKIN!
Check out my video⬇️

Brow Mapping Technology

Brow Mapping Technology

Play Video

Why do I need to book a consultation first?

That's a great question...because as a highly trained professional PMU artist, I need find out the exact look and style that you want your brows to be done in order to book the proper amount of time for your appointment and I need to make sure that the style you prefer will with work for your skin type and skin condition. Unfortunately this can't be done over the phone.....I need to see your natural brow shape, see the condition of your skin, I need to see your dress style, how you wear your hair and makeup...then I will ask you series of questions in order to recommend the best brow style and look for you!
It's also important for YOU to see that I have a SAFE, and CLEAN establishment that is free of pets and properly maintained in order to keep you safe from bacteria.  
I would love to meet you in person and share all of the possibilities with you.
I hope to see you soon! 

~Tracy "The Blossomologist"~

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